SWEET and SOUR Experience Chasing the American Dream

  • PublishedMarch 3, 2014

When Peter Mugo was enticed by his friend to sample the American dream after completing form four, he had great hopes that all his dreams would come true. After using shortcuts, the two friends eventually reached the ‘Promised Land’ but things weren’t as rosy as Peter thought they would be. He shared his American experience with MWAURA MUIGANA.

“On this particular evening of June 1991 I had every reason to thank God for my achievements in the United States of America. A few months back, I had started my third job since arriving in the US. Though I only slept for three hours a day, I didn’t mind it since the pay cheque was enticing. Things seemed to be shaping up for me. My plan to save money to buy prime land in Nairobi’s Karen area to put up residential homes felt within reach. My parents were happy with my achievements, especially because I regularly sent money back home to support them. My mind was occupied by my big dreams as I drove home this evening in the company of my two roommates.…Subscribe to read more

Published on March 2014

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