Most parents wonder how to teach their children to cooperate and resolve conflict. This is because they feel discouraged when their children defy requests made of them.

Conflict resolution is therefore an important skill to teach your child as they get into squabbles at home and at school. Experiencing conflicts with others is unavoidable for children since they have different needs and preferences.

Poor management of conflict will have a negative effect on your child’s self-esteem, learning and relationships. Here are ways you can teach your child to amicably resolve conflict:

Encourage apologies

Sorry is a very important word. It helps end a conflict as soon as possible. By saying sorry your child acknowledges their role in the conflict. Teaching them to say sorry ensures they know what was done is wrong. Apologies during conflicts ensure that the children remain friends. It brings peace and harmony in the family.

Teach on emotions control

Conflicts come with emotions such as anger and frustration. Children might yell or be physically hurtful when dealing with conflict. Teach them to remain calm during conflicts. They can sing a favourite song or count one to ten till they regain composure. Calmness helps to prevent escalation of conflict.

Solve problems together

Brainstorm solutions with your child to various conflicts they are likely to encounter. Your solutions should be simple and clear.This gives them an upper-hand when conflict occurs in your absence. Teach your child to discuss solutions with her friends in a conflict. They should learn to get solutions that keeps everyone satisfied.

 Encourage fairness and sharing

Most children conflicts are caused by a child’s refusal to share. Be it a banana or game hour distribution among siblings. Teach them the need to take-turns and the act of sharing. Show them how being fair ensures that everyone is satisfied. Teach them selflessness as this will ensure your children love sharing.