Kenyan comedian Terence Creative, popularly known as Kamami, on Thursday took to social media to celebrate his 31 month anniversary since he quit smoking.

Terence revealed that before deciding to quit on October 23, 2017, he had smoked for 20 years.

“I used to smoke two to three packs of cigarette a day. When clubbing, I would do shisha as well and weed once in a while. My friends made shisha sound less harmful than cigarettes, which was a lie. Every smoke is harmful and can kill,” Terence opened up in a Facebook post.

How smoking affected his relationships and career

The comedian revealed how smoking cost him his reputation and made him lose several jobs.

“People disrespected me and some opted to pay me with smokes, they would say “huyo bora umpelekee fegi, atakujenga”. I also lost some jobs because of my addictions,” the comedian shared.

His health was also affected by his smoking.

“I had bleeding gums and very strong body odour. Breathing difficulties, coloured teeth and many other bad things that come with smoking,” Terrence divulged.

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Smoking shook his marriage

His relationship with his wife, Milly Chebby, also took a hit.

“My wife rarely kissed me those days for over five years,” Terrence said.

On the October 2019 issue of Parents Magazine, Terrence revealed that smoking caused a lot of arguments with her wife.

“I never ever came to terms with the smoking. I fought it and we used to argue every time I would see him pull out a cigarette. I’d keep telling him that I hoped when we got kids, he would not be smoking or spending his time in a club when they needed him, or gambling money for their future. Even then, it was not easy to convince him,” Milly shared.

In spite of all the strain the smoking was putting on their relationship, it was not an easy habit to stop as Terence had fallen into the deep chains of addiction. His wife, on the other hand, felt that Terence was not willing to quit.

“Of course, I wanted to quit; I’d always pray that I would wake up one day and not feel the urge to smoke or go to the casino. I wanted to enjoy having fresh breath and my money intact,” Terence told Parents Magazine.

But in spite of the pressure from family and friends to leave Terence, Milly stood by his husband through it all.

“One day I just decided to stop smoking so I bought the nicotine gum myself and after a few days I summoned all the willpower and just decided to stop taking the gum altogether,” the comedian disclosed.

Two years and seven months down the line, Terrence says he is glad he quit and urges other people addicted to smoking to quit.