It is not entirely legal in Kenya, but there are so many reasons why home-schooling is an option worth considering. Recently two parents moved to court seeking to have the law recognize homeschooling in Kenya. This came after one of the parents, Mr Silus Were was arrested for non-enrolment of his children into an institution.

Maximum attention

Unlike the traditional class where  many other children scramble for the attention of the tutor, home-schooling allows for the focus to be on the child alone. This is especially true for children who are naturally not active, this extra attention helps draw them out of their cocoons. The one-on-one nature of homeschooling enables the parents to know their kids’ strengths, weaknesses, interests and biases. This way the educational needs are customized to capitalize on the strengths of the children.

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Extra-curricular activities

The traditional classroom is a series of lesson after lesson, and extracurricular activities, if any, are an afterthought. With homeschooling, it is easier to schedule language, music and sport sessions within the day. It is through homeschooing that the parent easily finds out what their children’s talents and skills are and help them develop them.

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Close monitoring and safety

During homeschooling, the child’s activities are closely monitored. In school, it might be impossible to keep track of a whole class when out at play. This is why injuries are common. Homeschooling is much safer. More so, the child rests more when they are homeschooled as opposed to the traditional classroom where learning goes on regardless of the state of the child.

Additional values

While schools  strive to impart in the child knowledge of the subjects, they do not focus on instilling moral values. Values such as kindness, honesty, love and selflessness are often overlooked and sacrificed on the altar of completing the syllabus and passing exams.It is easier to teach children lifeskills on top of academic knowledge in homeschooling.