In this issue, gospel deejay Gee Gee Macharia and his wife Jasmine talk about the ups and downs of their marriage, their passions and finding the silver lining during this Covid-19 period.

Still in this edition, seasoned journalist Terryanne Chebet gets candid on steering Metropol TV and balancing this role with motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Also, read about comedian Mulamwah’s candid account of healing from cyberbullying as you get to know about Billian Ojiwa, a hero making sure people in Mathare have essentials during this pandemic.

Speaking of which, Kendi Ashitiva of Niskize Counselling and Call Centre tells us how we can manage our mental health in this season while a young couple shares their wedding experience amid a lockdown and social restrictions.

How are businesses surviving? Three young women entrepreneurs give tips on navigating these unprecedented times.

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