The unexploited remedy of obesity

  • PublishedOctober 8, 2019

Researchers from the Kenyatta University have discovered a plant which can cure obesity.

The arrow poison plant is a traditional herb  previously used by traditional herders to treat indigestion.

The team, in the study discovered that the leaves of the herbs can treat memory loss and reduce weight faster than convectional medicine. Looking at the effects, it can be established that the fish poison bush could be an alternative to current medication against complications resulting from obesity such as memory loss.

The arrow poison plant'[Source, Standard Digital]

The study, published in the Neural Plasticity Journal shows that extract from the plant reduced obesity and improved memory and learning abilities.Tests were done in comparison with the common medicine for obesity, orlistart, and the herb was found to perform better.

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The team,led by Wycliffe Makori Ayika  experimented on 30 rats. One half of the rats was fed on high fat diet for 6 weeks to induce  obesity.The other was fed on normal rat diet and did not become obese.

The rats on high fat diet were exposed to the plant extract after six weeks while the other was put on orlistat.

The results showed all the rats exposed to high-fat diets showed signs of obesity throughout the study period.

“On the other hand, the treatment of rats with the reference drug, orlistat, and the plant extract caused a persistent decrease in obesity,” concluded the study.

The results thus suggest the herbal extract of the plant sourced from  Makunguru village in Embu County to be better than the Orlistat.




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