Things to do if your husband loses his job

Most women crave stability and security, and some of this is entrenched in their husbands keeping the jobs they have. If for the longest time he has had a job

  • PublishedSeptember 26, 2019

Most women crave stability and security, and some of this is entrenched in their husbands keeping the jobs they have. If for the longest time he has had a job then he suddenly loses it, both of you may feel like a rug has been pulled from under your feet. As a partner, it is best to recognize your obligation in supporting your husband through his job loss. We have listed things to do if your husband loses his job, that will hopefully make the situation more manageable.

Encourage him

This is a dark time for him. For most men, their feelings of worth are attached to being able to provide for their families. Losing their jobs may frustrate them. Do not let him go that direction. Encourage him to look up and keep moving. You can be his best cheerleader at this point.

No pity party

Much as you want to show him that you are a supportive wife, avoid showing him too much pity. This will only make him feel more miserable. Encourage him but be a source of strength for him.

Understand him

Be more patient with him. Job loss is always followed by a period of grief, and people mourn differently. He may be more moody, sullen and angry. Put yourself in your shoes and understand him when he is acting out of turn. Also, unemployment can trigger anxiety and depression. Be on the lookout for long sad spells and seek help for him.

Watch your mouth

You might be frustrated by the whole situation, but try and be sensitive when you speak with him. Avoid complaining about the things you are no longer able to afford. You might at some point feel overwhelmed and probably feel he is not doing enough to right the situation. Remember, if you are feeling frustrated, he probably feels many times more frustrated. More so, sometimes you might say things just in passing, with no intent to point to his situation. It might hit him the wrong way. Approach conversations tactfully.

Cut down on spending

Loss of job will come with a substantial decrease in income. You might not be able to keep up the lifestyle you were both used to. This calls for prior planning and cutting out luxuries and unnecessary spending.

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Seek opportunities for extra income

You can both sit down and discuss opportunities for extra income that both of you can pursue. While he is at home, it is best that he does not remain alone and doing nothing. Remember what the devil does with idle minds – he transforms them into his workshops. Find something to keep him busy. It might not bring much, but it will keep him busy and he will be contributing.

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Accept help

People may step in to help when they hear of your husband loses his job. Do not let your pride bar you from accepting genuine, well-meaning help.

Take care of yourself

Do not even try to  hide from the fact that his job loss has taken a toll on you. Do not drive your self too hard. Rest, before your body and mind demands it. Be in touch with your feelings and take appropriate breaks.


People who have lost their jobs tend to feel embarrassed and blame themselves for the situation. They might even feel unworthy in other people’s eyes. It can be hard to have a conversation with them on this matter because they will always find a way to skirt the issue. Approach every conversation with tact. Neither of you should bottle up their feelings. Ensure you have even the tough conversations, like those concerning bills, because most resentment stem from them.

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