Too grown for my little princess

Too grown for my little princess
  • PublishedOctober 27, 2020

“Stop telling your daughters to stop wearing shorts because there are men in the house. You should check these men instead.” I’m sure by now you’ve seen posts stating this or something along these lines. Parents, schools and workplaces have forever been policing what women can and cannot wear to avert the male gaze. I am for the opinion that one should wear what makes them comfortable at the time.

However, there is a reason there’s a fence between you and the lion at the zoo. Granted a hungry lion will drool over a human whether the fence is there or not but that does not negate the importance of said fence. Parents, especially moms are met with a lot of backlash when they post their daughters in clothes deemed too revealing. It not only happens there but among our families and neighbourhoods. a common fear is that they will grow accustomed to dressing ‘slutty’.

Personally I am all for a nice pair of shorts and tank top on a hot day and a bikini to the pool but there are limits. When buying clothes for your little girl comfort should be the first thing considered. Anything too loose or long will have them falling over or constantly having them adjusting it during play. They are still kids after all. Tight clothes will have them chaffing in certain parts and just plain uncomfortable throughout the day. So while purchasing these trendy outfits, give that a thought. Even the kids who model these clothes only have them on for the shoots.

The same goes for teenagers. By this time in their lives they might have developed their own sense of style so picking out their outfits might cause bickering. Allow them show individuality in their clothing choices but when it becomes skimpy shut it down. Do give more valid points than ‘what will people say’ or ‘My house my rules’. Especially refrain from calling them a loose woman because that’s just uncalled for. Children are impressionable and only follow trends to fit in. Trends set by people who for some reason want to see children’s thighs, midriffs or cleavage.

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