Top 10 secrets to help you realize your goals this year.

No matter how big ,small or scary our ambitions are, they define our existence and push us to set that target, achieve that dream and to navigate the uncharted waters. As

  • PublishedJanuary 18, 2019

No matter how big ,small or scary our ambitions are, they define our existence and push us to set that target, achieve that dream and to navigate the uncharted waters. As the year begins, new ambitions are always born but often so easily forgotten as the year progresses.

How do you make sure you do not veer off the road to achieving your set goals this year?

1.Set a goal that you are passionate about. 

Set a goal that will inspire you to wake up everyday. Find out that which makes you tick and work hard to achieve it. It is much easier to work for something you love in spite of the challenges and struggles that come with it.

2. Stop dreaming and start working.

Dreaming about a good job, an ideal spouse, a perfect life and so on is so easy but you will soon realize working for it is no bed of roses. Working on your goal will require getting out of your comfort zone and working twice as hard. Avoid procrastination and wishful thinking.

3. Anticipate failure.

It takes a lot of disappointment and failures to finally be successful. Once you are prepared for setbacks you will be able to stay focused on your end goal. If it is starting out a business, come up with strategies or a backup plan just in case things do not go as planned. Let every mistake be a lesson and rise up stronger.

4. Get a mentor.

Having someone who has gone through the same road as you or who can hold your hand is very important. You can either choose a person with a similar goal as yourself or just someone that has achieved greater heights. Seek their advice constantly before taking crucial steps. Learn from their mistakes and successes but do not compare yourself to them because everyone has a different journey.

5. Surround yourself with positive, helpful people.

When you are setting out on a new goal, you should take a look at the people that are around you. Do they have your best interest at heart? Are they supportive of your dream? Friends who constantly put you down, laugh at your ambitions or think you are over ambitious are the first distraction you need to get rid of. The people around you should also be ambitious and not just cheerleaders waiting to ride on your success.

6. Be patient and persistent.

Do not set out for quick success, but rather be patient and resilient. Keep trying even after failure and disappointments. Call that potential client who has been avoiding you because who knows, they may finally pick up and offer you a life-changing deal.

7. Recognize your achievements.

Avoid focusing so much on your failure but instead take a moment to appreciate every milestone and achievements. One score high up your grade or one more business deal closed should be seen as achievement even if they  fall short of what you had targeted. Celebrate every achievement and take time to renew your energy and remind yourself of your vision.

8. Stay focused.

Sometimes excitement can shift your focus and take you on a completely different path from what you had visualized. Even in celebrating your achievement make sure you do not over do it. Write down your goal and constantly remind yourself or share with a trusted friend who will always warn you when you are veering off the track.

9. Be brave.

Success only comes to those who are fighters. You will have to do things that will make you lose a friend or make people hate you but as long as it is leading you to your ambitions, keep fighting. A rise in rank at your job may require you to rub people the wrong way. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal as long as it is the right thing.

10. Envisage the outcome.

It’s okay to picture the end result of your goal. See yourself living in that dream house with beautiful kids and the ideal spouse. Look at yourself as the boss at your own company owning that dream car. Visualizing the outcome will help you to keep on working on your dreams and remind you to solder on despite the disappointments along the way.



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