The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has disputed the claim of 43 billion shillings in salaries and pension arrears by 52,000 retired teachers

TSC filed an application at Nakuru High Court on November 3 last year accusing the teachers of inflating the amount from 17 billion to 43 billion shillings.

Through their lawyer, Lawrence Karanja, TSC  requested Chief Justice Maraga together with other judges to clarify the amount citing a possibility of error in judgement.

“We pray that the court certifies that the matter raises substantial questions of law and forthwith refer the case to the Chief Justice for the appointment of a bench of an uneven number of judges, being not less than three, pursuant to article 165 (4) of the Constitution,” read the application.

The hearing of the application scheduled for last week Thursday failed as Justice Janet Mulwa granted Mr. Karanja’s request for more time to file responses to some of the applications.

“Mr. Karanja on behalf of TSC is allowed 15 days to file his submissions and serve to various parties ahead of their highlighting,” ruled Justice Mulwa.

The retired teachers filed an application to have the director of pensions Mr. Shem Nyakutu arrested for failing to honour the 2016 court order to pay them. This is after the commission denied allegations by the teachers claiming that they had failed to disburse their payment.

Out of the total of 52,000 teachers, only 1,623  have been processed for the pension since the 2015 ruling by the Supreme Court.