Pain caused by Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be very excruciating and annoying and therefore having to undergo it multiple times is agonizing. Unfortunately, some people may report recurrent cases of UTI as many as up to five times in a year. Women especially are more susceptible to getting the infection  because of the length of their urethra and its close proximity to the anus as compared to men

Here are some of the reasons you could be getting repeated cases of UTI.

1.Holding urine

Emptying your bladder once they are full is very important in not only protecting your kidneys but also preventing you from getting UTI. Do not wait until you bladders are too full before rushing to the washroom. Waiting for a long time before emptying your bladder stretches it and makes it easier for bacteria to grow there hence causing UTI.

2. Wet or sweaty underwear

Wearing undergarments that are not completely dry could result in the growth of the bacteria causing UTI. Also wearing panties for long or after a workout will cause sweat to accumulate giving a perfect environment for the bacteria to attack your urethra. Ensure you always take a bath after working out.

3. Public toilets

Since we cannot avoid public toilets entirely, always place tissue on the toilet seat to ensure you are seated in a comfortable position when taking a pee. You can also carry your own toilet seat covers. Seating straight relaxes your pelvic floor muscles in order to squeeze all the urine out of your bladder preventing any residual urine that may collect bacteria.

4. Tight or small underwear.

G-strings and thongs should not be worn frequently as they can easily trap bacteria in the vagina. Small or tight lingerie makes it easier for bacteria to move from the anus to the vagina. These undergarments also press the vaginal tissue providing room for growth of bacteria causing vaginal infections.

5. Sex

Once you start having sex while still on medication for UTI, you face a very high risk of being re-infected. Wait until you are fully recovered before being intimate as you also run a risk of infecting your partner who will then infect you back. Sex irritates the vaginal walls which being sensitive after UTI will easily attract any existing bacterias. The spread of UTI through sex is not only limited to vaginal sex but also to any sexual activity for example using fingers, toys or anything that can carry the bacteria. Therefore ensure that you always clean your finger or sex toys before using them.

It is advisable to pee after sex to flush out any bacteria that may have been introduced during the activity.

6. Wiping in the wrong direction

There is a reason why we are often told to wipe from front to back after the call of nature. The anus carries so many bacteria which might cause UTI, therefore wiping in the opposite direction will result in recurrent cases of the UTI.


As women age the levels of oestrogen protecting the vaginal walls reduce. As oestrogen reduces women start experiencing thinning of the vaginal walls and bladder. The pelvic muscles also become weak making it hard for them to expel all the urine from the bladder. Women need to be very careful during this time as they are at a high risk of getting chronic recurrent UTI.