Tuju: I broke 13 ribs, had internal bleeding and head injuries

  • PublishedMarch 13, 2020

Jubilee Secretary Raphael Tuju made his first public appearance ever after getting involved in a gruesome accident en route to the late Daniel Arap Moi’s funeral. Speaking at the Karen Hospital, the vibrant Tuju thanked God for his miraculous  survival while narrating the extent of his injuries.

When it became apparent how dire his condition was, the doctors at Karen Hospital has to remove him from life support to enable him to seek treatment in London. His lungs has then  collapsed. He stayed at the London Hospital for a month.

“Those lungs collapsed because of the rib injury and the doctors had to make the life and death decision as to when to remove the life support system so that I could go for the specialised treatment in London,” he said.

Mr Tuju not only sustained head injuries, but he also broke 13 ribs. The broken ribs punctured his intestines and caused internal bleeding. Besides that, he crushed 3 vertebrae and had to undergo a serious surgery to protect his spinal cord.

“The critical one was the vertebrae operation to protect my spinal cord and of course head injuries. So to come out of that is a miracle from God. I thank the many Kenyans who sent words of encouragement.”

The pain, he says, was too much that he would never wish it on his worst enemy.

“But the pain of those fractures was excruciating. I have a few enemies in this country and around the world and I cannot wish them the kind of pain I have received,” says a bashful Tuju.

While he still has to undergo physiotherapy, he has expressed hope for full recovery, stating that he can now walk without being assisted.


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