What you can do to protect your child from kidnappers

  • PublishedOctober 18, 2019

One of a parent’s one fears is for their  child to go missing or end up in the hands of kidnappers. Child traffickers have become more brazen in their exploits and no measure taken to protect your child from kidnappers is too much. Use these expert tips to ensure your child is safe from kidnappers and predators.

5 tips on how to protect your child from kidnappers

Leave the communication lines open – this is your best bet when it comes to knowing the activities your child took part in, where they were and who they interacted with. If you feel something is amiss you can investigate it further.
Talk to your children about kidnapping – While you may not wish for your kid to live in perpetual fear, it is best to make them aware of kidnappers and encourage them to always be aware of their surrounding. Ask them run, make noise and draw attention if they ever find themselves in such a situation among other measures.
Forbid your kids from accepting gifts from strangers.
Ask them to stay as close as possible with their friends and avoid venturing out alone.
Let your children know that it is not okay to leave and go somewhere without your express permission. If they want to go somewhere, do your due diligence and find out where the place and who the people who stay there are. Call ahead and find out who you can contact in case of anything. Always have someone accompany them to Church, shopping center, school and the like. Being alone makes the easier targets.
Have the memorize your name, phone number and home address.
Children below five years may be too young to tell what is dangerous and what is not. Do not let small children out of your sight. They are a curious lot and may cause harm to themselves even away from kidnappers.
Keep tabs on what your child does online, danger lurks in the cybersphere.
Use trackers to get real time updates on where they are.

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