Chelsea`s manager, Maurizio Sarri is in serious trouble after the Sunday match against Manchester City. The game saw Chelsea suffer their worst defeat since 1991, after being thrashed 6-0 by City.

Chelsea has suffered 10 goals in the past two away games hitting a first low for the team.

The team is now in the sixth place in premier league and Sarri has a lot to do to ensure that they get to top four at the end of the season. Chelsea will be facing Man United next Monday at the FA cup fifth round and City again during the League cup final on February 24.

Abramovic, the club owner, is not a patient man and Sarri may be facing the same axe that has befallen his predecessors even in the middle of a season.

Chelsea is reportedly considering replacing him with former Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane. Zidane left Real Madrid after winning a third straight Champion league crown last year.

Sport Mediaset, an Italian website has also revealed another favorite to replace Sarri as Zola. The Blues reportedly would prefer to have Zola as the caretaker manager for the remaining part of the season. Zola can bring some stability to the club until the season is over before another manager takes over.

Sarri remains unmoved even as the debate concerning his performance rages on. Asked whether he doubts his style will work at Stanford Bridge, Sarri responded, “No, because today I didn’t see my football. At the beginning it worked. So now we need only to understand the reasons why at the moment it isn’t working.”

The troubled manager is also not worried about his job.

“I am worried about the performance, but my job is always at risk. So, I am not worried about the club. You have to ask the club,” he added during a news conference.

Whether he will get to see his football style work in Chelsea is a chance now left at the hands of Abramovic.