Why married men cheat on their pregnant wives

  • PublishedJanuary 14, 2020

Some men who had previously been faithful start to cheat when their wives are  pregnant. This begs the question; why do married men cheat on their pregnant wives?

A man cheating on his pregnant wife is the ultimate betrayal. While the woman is nurturing a young being in her womb, she needs all the support she can get. More so, from the father of the child. There is no excuse that can ever justify any form of cheating.

However, according to a marriage counselor, pregnancy is not the cause of cheating in more than 90% of married couples. There is usually a deeper underlying issue between the couple before the pregnancy.  In light of that, some men have shared the reasons why they stray when the wife is expectant.

Why do married men cheat on their pregnant wives?

Decrease in sex life

Some men have a high sex drive and during pregnancy, the couple’s sex life may suffer. This can happen when the wife has been told to abstain from sex because she’s carrying a high risk pregnancy. It can also be because she’s just not in the mood due to the vagaries of pregnancy. The inconsistency in sex can force some men to seek it elsewhere.

Their wives’ changing bodies

When women are expecting children, their bodies naturally change to make room for the growing baby. Some men claim to be turned off by the drastic body changes and end up looking for other women.

Deeper underlying issues within the marriage

Maybe the marriage is over but the couple is still clutching at straws. When the wife becomes pregnant, the husband may cheat and blame it on the pregnancy and lack of intimacy but there were underlying issues from the get-go.

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A lot of idle time

Women may tend to concentrate on the pregnancy by going to clinics for antenatal and post-natal checkups, resting and even buying things to prepare for the coming of the baby. Men may have a lot of time on their hands and some choose to become unfaithful.

They are irresponsible

There is really no excuse for cheating. It is a decision that one consciously makes even when they would have stepped back. In light of this, some men may not want to step up to the challenges that may occur once the new baby is born so they choose the easy way out, cheating.

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In the end, men who cheat on their pregnant women leave scars that will take a lot of time to heal.

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