Egg freezing is a procedure that allows for a woman’s eggs to be preserved. The eggs can later on be thawed, fertilized and transferred to the uterus at a time of the woman’s choosing. The general reason for freezing eggs is to allow women to have children later. However, there are so many other specific reasons why women freeze their eggs.

As a woman grows older, so does her fertility dwindle. The production of strong eggs by the ovaries also reduces remarkably, thus lowering the chances of getting pregnant. When women reach menopause, production ceases altogether. If the current circumstances do not allow for getting children or the women plan to delay pregnancy, freezing eggs remains a strong option.

Cancer patients

Cancer treatment can be invasive and sometimes interferes with a woman’s reproductive health. Some women opt to have their eggs frozen so that they can be able to have kids after the treatment. There are cancer treatments that can inhibit the natural production of eggs, thus freezing eggs is a good back-up plan.

Invasive surgery

Women who are scheduled to undergo invasive and sensitive surgical procedures that may interfere with their reproductive organs may have their eggs frozen.


When a woman’s career is too demanding, she can have her eggs frozen so she can focus on her career without the pressure of her biological clock ticking. It gives them more autonomy to have the children when they want – not because they are running out of time.

Finding the right partner

Finding the right partner to settle down with and start a family is not the easiest thing these days. If the right person is taking their sweet time, many women would rather have their eggs frozen as they wait. It is better than settling down with a partner they do not prefer just so they may be in tune with their biological clock. It gives them much freedom and takes away the anxiety of trying to beat time.

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