If your intention is to look a few pounds lighter, these are 5 styling tips to help you look slimmer.

Embrace the V-neckline

Pick sweaters, tops, blazers and cardigans that have plunging necklines as opposed to round necklines. V necklines create the illusion of a slimmer upper body.

Vertical stripes

Vertical and assymetrical stripes, as opposed to horizontal ones, creates a slimmer illusion. Stripes are beautiful patterns to play with for your dresses and skirts especially.

5 stying tips to make you look slimmer
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Darker colours

Colours create different illusions and can make your frame appear either slimmer or plumper. Dark colours tend to create a slimming effect. That is why a little black dress is indispensable in every woman’s closet. Lighter colours on the other hand, could add more weight to a frame.

5 stying tips to make you look slimmer
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White colour draws attention to the area that it has been worn while black has the opposite effect. This is because black absorbs light, while white reflects it. If you intend to to make your chest look slimmer, for instance, steer away from white because it will highlight it instead.

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Be intentional with your accessories

Using accessories is among the tried and true tips to help you look slimmer. Do not pick your accessories arbitrarily or just because they are trending. Accessories can either  streamline your look or draw attention to the wrong places. Use accessories to create balance, proportion and focus the eye on your preferred places.

Catchy accessories on the wrists will draw attention to the wrists and not the upper arm.

When picking belts, opt for wider belts instead of slimmer ones. The slimmer belts will create the illusion of dividing your body into two, which is not exactly flattering.

Avoid piling chunky neckpieces on your neck, as this will shorten your neck and, make your upper body look heavier.

Go monochromatic

Monochromatic looks lengthen the torso by creating a continuous line of sight. Pair the same colours both at the top and at the bottom to achieve a slimming monochromatic look.

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