It is a fact that our bodies cannot do without water, but drinking hot or warm water is accompanied with even more benefits. Lukewarm water might not have the best taste but the health benefits surpass all that. The human kidney and heart requires hot or warm water for better functioning, but they are not the only organs that could use hot and warm water. Here are some of the unbelievable benefits of hot water in the human body.

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 Enhance flow of blood

Drinking hot or warm water does away with toxins and unwanted fats in the body. This helps in better circulation of blood. Warm water aids in muscle relaxation which is an important factor in blood circulation. Arteries and veins expand creating space for blood flow.

Digestion of food

Warm water helps in digestion of food. When you take a glass of hot water the easier it becomes for the body to break down food, making it pass smoothly through the intestines. Warm water after meals is important since it burns fats easily unlike cold water which has different effects.

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Reduces pain

How many times have you seen a hot towel been used to massage a wound? Or a hot bottle of water being used to ease cramps? That is what happens when you take hot water. The muscles are relaxed hence reducing the pain. It is also effective when you have a headache.


While cold water is used to cool the body, hot water burns up toxins and fats from the body. They are released as urine or sweat. Hot water tends to increase body temperature which leads to sweating leaving the body detoxicated.

Weight loss

When you are well hydrated chances of loosing a pound or two are quite high. Hot water enhances metabolic rates which add up to the burning of calories. Besides, the more you drink water the less you feel hungry.

Does away with dandruff

Dandruff are mainly caused by a dry scalp. Taking hot water makes the body well hydrated and that includes the scalp. This makes your hair grow healthy and  strong.