It is important to encourage children to participate in sports as sporting activities transfer skills and experiences that will serve your child for a lifetime. These experiences can be inform of social, physical, psychological and leadership.

The following are more reasons why your child should participate in sports.


A sports team is a foundation for life-long friendships for your child. The huddles the team overcomes together make memories that last a lifetime. Friendships that grow from a common interest usually become the best foundation your child needs in understanding human dynamics.

Such friendships allow your child to hold conversations from a point of knowledge since they experience things with the team together. As a result, children build their confidence and ability to express themselves.

Laughing african children in the Ugandan village.
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Physical fitness

Taking part in sports contributes to your child's physical development and good posture, especially when they run and engage their muscles in movement. Such children are said to be mentally alert and overcome challenges in classrooms with ease.

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Emotional maturity

Sports stimulate feel-good chemicals in the brain that leave your child feeling better. As a result, sports have been known to reverse depression and other emotional challenges.

Child smiling with a soccer ball
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Belonging to a team also teaches children the value of teamwork. Character development and discipline are acquired in team work

Leadership development

One of the qualities of a good leader is the ability to make strategic decisions within split seconds. This is required of your child as he or she participates in sports. With several attempts and guidance from their coach, they perfect the art of decision making.

Sports also put the necessary pressure on your children to perform. This instils a sense of purpose in them.

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An alternative career option

Some of the highest paid people in the world are sportsmen and women. Encouraging your child to take part in a sport gives them an alternative source of income in future, especially when getting employment proves to be difficult in the modern day and age.

Relay runner
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Sports expose a child to a good number of life's aspects. It gives your child the platform he/she needs to learn the essential skills of life like endurance, discipline, hard work and the need for persistence.

Sports are demanding and so is life. It is better to ensure your child learns the necessary skills from an ideal age rather than learning it the hard way when they are older. The good thing about sports as a platform for learning, is the support that is readily available for them

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