Values play a crucial role in determining your child's future. The values you instil or don't instil in your child determine what kind of an adult your child becomes. It is thus important to teach some of life's important values to your children when they are still young.

Here are some of the important values you will need to teach your child.


Your child needs to learn the importance of being accountable for their actions. This will enable your child to understand and learn how they should behave everyday. The best way to teach your child to be accountable is by being accountable yourself.

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Respect is crucial and comes into play when the child is dealing with other people in society. Respect will help your child in appreciating diversity and understanding that other people's views deserve to be heard and understood without judgement.


You’ll need to teach your child to always give their best when faced with different life situations. Your child needs to know that giving up should never be an option even when they feel intimidated or feel it is impossible to perform certain tasks.

This African-American father was shown in the process of teaching his young daughter how to properly wash her hands at their kitchen sink, briskly rubbing her soapy hands together under fresh running tap water, in order to remove germs, and contaminants, thereby, reducing the spread of pathogens, and the ingestion of environmental chemicals or toxins. Children are taught to recite the Happy Birthday song, during hand washing, allotting enough time to completely clean their hands.
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Children are naturally curious because they are learning through every experience and social interaction they are having. You can develop your child’s curiosity through asking open-ended questions, prompting thinking, and encouraging natural child interests. Curiosity will be of great help to your child's learning process.


It is often said that honesty is the best policy. Therefore, you must model the art of being honest in your child. Honesty is the basis of trust and thriving relationships. By teaching your child to be honest, you are setting them up for successful relationships.  You can teach honesty through correction of mistakes, speaking the truth even when it's hard, and keeping your promises.



Teach your child to have the ability to understand the feelings of another person will help build a strong foundation for strong relationships in the future. Help your child know the value of connecting with the feelings of others.

7 ways to show your love to your child
Your child needs to know that you love them not just by confessing your love for them through word of mouth, but also by incorporating actions that will show your love for them.


Children easily keep grudges and your child is no exception. Let your child understand that forgiving does not mean forgetting, or pretending it did not hurt. Teach your child to forgive others while still acknowledging their feelings as forgiveness is also important for healthy relationships


Your ultimate goal as a parent should be to encourage your child to think big and openly. Encourage your child to have courage and at the same time show kindness to the other person.

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