Wuhan City, the epicentre of Coronavirus in China, will in the next 10 days test all their 11 million residents for Coronavirus. This is according to an emergency notice issued by the local authorities and circulated by the state-run media – The Paper.

Over the weekend, Wuhan reported the first cases of Coronavirus in 35 days. The six cases are not imported, which shows that the disease is still spreading in the very city the disease emerged from.

The authorities will use nucleic acid testing which is effective in detecting Coronavirus in its early stages. The nucleic acid test works by detecting the virus’ genetic code.

China to restart mass COVID-19 testing efforts in Wuhan

Before the new cases, Wuhan had effectively managed to contain the virus. The city has been slowly returning to normalcy after a 76-day-lockdown ended on April 8th.

On Monday, the state media reported that the chief official of Changqing, Zhang Yuxin, had been demoted from his position “for failures in epidemic prevention and control work.”

Wuhan is not the only city in China that has relapsed. On Sunday, 11 people tested positive for Coronavirus in the city of Shulan, in Jilin province. Shulan is now in ‘wartime control mode’.