Your kitchen garden could be your food security gem during tough pandemic times

Your kitchen garden could be your food security gem during tough pandemic times
  • PublishedJuly 16, 2020

While the world is facing uncertain and difficult times in the face of the Covid- 19 pandemic, the importance of plants that provide food cannot be underestimated. With instances such as working from home and self- isolation, we undoubtedly need to get something to keep our bodies well fed.

A kitchen garden could be the solution to such scenarios. Apart from providing food, a kitchen garden will help you when you need diversion from work and also improve your gardening skills. Regardless of the COVID- 19 pandemic, there are untapped possibilities that this kind of garden can indeed have an impact to larger entities such as environmental outcomes, market trends and public awareness. This is because a home kitchen garden could provide a small-scale approach to sustainable use of natural resources, self- regulation, sustainability and environment conservation.

You can combat the hiking prices of produce by running a kitchen garden to produce your own vegetables and fruits. According to google, a “how to grow” search hit a rise in the month of April. This is evidence enough that people are indeed considering agriculture.

Also, when you need that break from work, gardening can be a source of recreational relaxation, that will bring personal rewards. It can also be a positive family-inclusive activity, which can cover the whole of your family. From this, you can increase your kids knowledge on matters such as parts of plants, different types of seeds, measurements among others.

While aiming for a kitchen garden, you have to take into consideration factors such as:

Selecting your favourite foods. This will give you enough motivation to take care of them.Go for foods that can easily be stored or preserved as this will help you save that extra shilling. Foods such as potatoes and onions will take you a long way.Select vegetables that are expensive in the market but you still need them. This will help you avoid the hiked or fluctuating prices.Start small. Gardening requires patience. It is advisable that you start with a small and manageable space then with time grow to a bigger space

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