3 ways poor communication can ruin your relationship

3 ways poor communication can ruin your relationship
  • PublishedFebruary 10, 2021

Communication is a very important aspect in every relationship. Therefore, for any relationship to thrive, there has to be very good communication between the two parties. If not, there will be plenty of conflict between you two. Additionally, failure to communicate to your partner what you want from a relationship, your likes and dislikes, can be a breeding ground for resentment or anger and hence prove detrimental to your relationship.

However, communication is a two-way traffic and hence, each party has to make a conscious effort to communicate properly. This is because sometimes we unconsciously communicate through non-verbal cues, tone of our voice and behaviour. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the small details that could be worsening your communication.

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Here are ways that poor communication can ruin your relationship:

Escalated conflict

Failure to communicate what you expect from your partner or not speaking out when your partner does something that irritates you brews discomfort. It leads to a negative perspective of your significant other which can spark conflict and dis-interest in the relationship.

Therefore, have a culture of pinpointing and addressing the problems in your relationship as they arise. Piling mistakes,things that your partner does that irritate you is a breeding ground for more issues.

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Difficulty setting and reaching goals

If you fail to communicate properly, you will not be on the same page with your partner. Hence, each of you will end up having different goals, which can cause a lot of individualism in your relationship.

Therefore, for your relationship to thrive, each of you has to share their goals so that you can find a way to help each other accomplish those goals. Once you share your goals, you could be surprised to find out that you have a similar goal which you can bond on as you strive to accomplish it.

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Lack of intimacy

When couples are not on talking terms,one or both of them will start to get withdrawn and become aloof.

However, when you communicate what you desire in your romantic relationship for example your sexual preferences, needs and beliefs, you will build up on your and your partner’s intimacy.


People who do not communicate properly in their relationship, deny themselves an opportunity to connect well with their partner. Therefore, it is crucial that you speak out your mind and solve issues there and then. This will prevent you from resenting your partner and improve your intimacy.

Once you make your partner aware that you were not happy with their actions, forgive them and move on. Lastly, water your relationship by appreciating your partner either by complimenting them or telling them what they mean to you.

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