4 Nametags you should stop giving your child NOW.

When our children disappoint us, we act in a myriad of ways. Some ways even surpass the normal. In many scenarios, you will find yourself resorting to calling your child

  • PublishedJanuary 28, 2020

When our children disappoint us, we act in a myriad of ways. Some ways even surpass the normal. In many scenarios, you will find yourself resorting to calling your child names. Names you should avoid at all costs. There are many other effective ways to discipline your child and spanking or name-calling are not among the list. So, what names are these that you should avoid like a plague? Stop and listen to yourself for a minute to find out.


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Bad boy/girl

If you focus on positive parenting, then you know too well that if you spot a wrong, that should be your point of focus. Sometimes you may get so blinded that you amplify how bad your child is. Calling your child names showing how bad they are will be far from achieving behavior correction. If anything, you end up making the child know and accept that they are bad people.

Since children associate things in black and white, it really matters to them whether they are good or bad people. You will make your child sulk for nothing and remain to be a kid constantly exhibiting bad traits. Remember, it is the behavior that is bad, not the child.


Do you wonder why your child seems not to attempt doing smart things? The answer to your thoughts is; your name-calling!  If you want to raise successful adults, be sure to tame your tongue a little bit. Once your child does something despicable, evaluate the options. Was it intentional? Do they know the repercussions? Was it for adventure purposes? Have you corrected them before?

Understanding that you should appreciate and uphold your child, even in the advent of wrongdoing means you are a good parent. Every child has their abilities. Unique and waiting to be tapped. Furthermore, you only learn from mistakes, right?

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Useless child

It gets even more heartbreaking when you brand your kid as useless. Such name-calling is detrimental to someone’s self-esteem. How do you expect your child to relate confidently with other people if they are not acknowledged in their own home?

Play an important role in boosting your child’s confidence by avoiding this tag. When you are angry with the wrongdoing, remember they are your children. If the child is useless, do you think the child thinks their parent is giving useful correction?


Without a doubt, once you subscribe to parenthood, you are bound to repeat yourself over a gazillion times, over a certain issue. It almost always feels like nobody pays attention to your words right? A major reason why you should stop calling your child names like this one is that it will aggravate the matter.

You will notice your child developing tough skin and nearly deliberately doing something to make you go berserk. Save yourself the trouble and address conflict in a better way. Otherwise, you will be raising narcissistic children.

Using better and positive conflict resolution methods are the way out the parenting maze. Be sure to value your child at all times, for they tend to listen to you more if respected. Communicate positively and address your disappointment with decorum. You’ll be sure to reap the fruits later.

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