The self-proclaimed revolutionist Miguna Miguna has been very vocal on political ills plaguing Kenya. The outspoken lawyer does not shy away from commenting on controversial topics and as a result, has rubbed many people the wrong way.

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Nairobi Wire

During an interview with Anne Kiguta on Punchline show at K24, the lawyer revealed the reason why he has blocked many people on twitter.

“I have not blocked you Anne. Ruto blocked me. Raila blocked me. I block those who come to my handle to abuse me. I simply speak my mind uncompromisingly.” he said.

Kenyans’ reactions to Miguna Miguna’s reason

However, Kenyans on Twitter who have been blocked by Miguna Miguna were quick to counteract his explanation. Consequently, some claimed the lawyer blocks anyone whose opinion differs from his.


During the interview, he said Kenyans need to transform the country by removing ODM leader Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto from power. He emphasized that Kenyan citizens have more power because they are 47 million and greatly outnumber the entire leadership system which is comprised of less than 500 politicians.

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“I am speaking from Toronto because the people advocating for unity prevented me from coming back to Kenya. They are playing games with Kenyans.” he said.

Consequently, he has been conducting TV interviews via Skype after being denied entry into Kenya. Berlin Airport issued a red alert that prevented the lawyer from travelling to Kenya or any other African countries.