4 useful conversation tips for your first date

By Sarah Kutahi As a social being, you will likely find yourself going on several dates before you eventually decide how you want to lead your romantic life. Unfortunately, first

4 useful conversation tips for your first date
  • PublishedJuly 1, 2022

By Sarah Kutahi

As a social being, you will likely find yourself going on several dates before you eventually decide how you want to lead your romantic life. Unfortunately, first dates can go awfully wrong mainly due to the things that come up in conversation. To save you from the embarrassment and hurt of a data gone wrong, here are some helpful conversation tips, including what you should and should not discuss on a first date.

Keep your ex out of your mouth at all costs

You will be tempted to bring up your previous affair with the hope that you can highlight what you prefer in a relationship. Unfortunately, that makes it seem like you are still stuck in the past and, therefore, will be a problematic partner in this new relationship. Such talks are likely to put off any interested parties. Instead, it would help if you talked about your dating goals and maybe brush over your previous dating life.

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Keep off the sex talk

If it is a date, then it’s not the place to discuss your sexual urges and preferences, especially if it seems like the other person is interested in establishing a relationship. Blatant sex talk may scare your date away. Instead, talk about what you wish to get out of the relationship.

This is not to say that this topic is not essential. In fact, discussions about sex should be the first thing you talk about if you decide to go on a second date. This is when you establish whether they are into anything you won’t be able to participate in or whether there is a possibility of a mismatch.

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Try to establish similarities

First dates are usually great for putting your best foot forward and studying what the other person also brings to the table. During your interaction try to establish the things about you that are similar like your preferences in a partner, your love language and maybe educational and career background. This presents a good opportunity to establish how the two of you will complement each other if you decide to move forward with the relationship.

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Learn their personality

Remember the various personality types? Well, put that information to good use. The thing to note is personality types influence a lot about an individual. They  influence their decision-making, energy levels, and even the things they enjoy. Therefore, make sure you understand these things and whether they appeal to your own personality. You may think that this information is insignificant but it matters very much because it will affect your relationship in one way or the other.

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First dates are usually feel-good moments that should be utilised to enjoy your new company. Save the serious stuff for later when the relationship starts to unfold thus allowing you to go on more dates where you can learn more about each other.


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