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Things you must NOT do when invited to a wedding

Things you must NOT do when invited to a wedding
  • PublishedJuly 26, 2021

Getting invited to someone’s wedding is a great deal. It shows how much they value you to want to share their big day with you. As a result, it is important to return the favour and avoid making them regret inviting you to their special day by not doing the following things.

Not dressing the part

Some people want to have small intimate weddings with a laid back feel. This is not an excuse to come wearing a promotional t-shirt and sweatpants. Try and adhere to the provided dress code. If there is none, make some effort in grooming and try to look the part. It helps you feel good and saves the couple from those judgy looks of “why did they invite that one?”


Much as you should look decent while attending your girlfriend’s wedding, steer clear of anything white-unless you are trying to steal the thunder. Wearing white to someone’s wedding for ladies is highly impolite.

Failure to RSVP

Some people may not send you a fancy wedding card asking you to RSVP. However, you need to confirm availability on the wedding day-even if the invite was extended to you verbally. A reply, especially in the age of Covid-19 and limited public gatherings, helps in planning. Otherwise, you will be locked out of the venue.

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Arriving late

There’s nothing more annoying than the clatter of your high heels when the couple is saying their vows. You not only distract the proceedings but you draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Not switching off your phone

Do not be the person distracting everyone with a high pitched ringtone and do not keep asking people to let you pass so that you can go pick a phone call. In the same breath, please avoid texting during the service. It makes you look like you would rather be somewhere else than at your friend’s wedding.

Complaining about the food

If the food served at the wedding is not up to your standards, keep your comments to yourself. Instead, appreciate that someone went out of their way to ensure that there is food for the guests.

Skipping the line at the buffet

With proper planning, there is enough food for everyone, unless you did not RSVP. Therefore, avoid skipping the line to serve before everyone else. Your turn will come.

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Bringing a plus one

Again, Covid-19 has made it hard for couples to invite many people to their wedding. For instance, here in Kenya, there was a time when the government mandated that only 15 people could attend weddings. Imagine how hard it was for the couple to scale down to the 15, then imagine how unfair it would be if someone showed up with a plus one. If you must bring someone that was not invited with you, at least check with the couple first.

Causing drama

Do not be the person crying the loudest when the groom is reciting his vows and this too not because you are happy but because it reminds you of the relationship you never had, or because the groom is your ex. If you can’t leave your drama at home, then politely decline the invite.

Texting the couple

While the couple’s phones may most likely be switched off, it is still not a good idea to text or call them, especially, if there is a problem. You can either handle the problem yourself or wait until the honeymoon is over to bombard the newlyweds with your problems.

In a nutshell…

A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and most couples do not get a do-over. Therefore, avoid doing anything that would spoil your friends’ special day. Instead, go out of your way to try and make their day as memorable as you can if given the chance.

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