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10 essentials for your baby's bedroom

10 essentials for your baby's bedroom
  • PublishedJuly 26, 2021

The last few weeks before your baby comes are often characterised by a frenzy of activity. You need to attend your clinics, you need to do your household chores and you have to shop for your baby. If you are among the couples who have a separate bedroom for the baby from day one, you also have to prepare a room for your little one. This can be a daunting task, especially if you are a first-time parent. Here are some things that your baby’s room must-have.

A Crib

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. In fact, the recommended sleep time for a baby is anywhere between 14 and 17 hours every day. Therefore, it makes sense that you have a crib or bassinet. Cribs come in different shapes and sizes. Get one that you can afford without jeopardizing your baby’s comfort.

Storage baskets

Storage baskets can store extra bedding and toys for your baby. You can also use these to store your child’s dirty laundry.

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Have a supply of baby blankets and sheets to keep your baby warm and comfortable when they are sleeping. When buying bedding, ensure that the material is not rough for the baby’s skin and that the baby is not allergic to the material used.

Changing mat

Let’s face it, over 50% of parenting, especially when you have a newborn, involves changing diapers. A changing surface or mat that is comfortable for you and your baby is a must-have.

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A drawer/wardrobe

You don’t want to waste precious minutes moving from your baby’s room to your room looking for the baby’s clothes. A wardrobe or dresser is convenient, and it keeps the baby’s room organized. Moreover, you can store baby skincare products on top of the dresser or one compartment in the wardrobe, especially because the baby’s skin is sensitive and baby products are not to be shared with adults. Having a designated place avoids mix-up.

Have a chair

If you can get a rocking chair, the better. You can sit here as you nurse the baby. Moreover, a rocking chair comforts the baby when they are fussy, instead of having to rock the baby while standing.

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Proper lighting

You don’t want to be groping in the darkness when going to change or feed your baby at night. Therefore, proper lighting is a no-brainer.


Toys help distract the baby and give you time to do some work. For newborn babies, you can hang play toys above their crib or you can buy a play mat. Remember to age-appropriate toys.

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Baby monitor

A baby monitor helps you rest easy while in your room because you can hear your baby. You can choose an audio monitor or you can get a video monitor that allows you to see your baby.

Bluetooth speakers

You can have a Bluetooth speaker through which you can play soothing sounds or white noise to put the baby to sleep. You can also buy a sound machine.

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Early preparation is always advisable. It allows you to relax in the days before the child is born. Whatever you do, ensure that you split the tasks into small manageable tasks to ensure you don’t overwork and risk your pregnancy.

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