5 Common problems bearded men face and solutions

5 Common problems bearded men face and solutions
  • PublishedMay 10, 2022

While growing a beard may be easy, you may not be aware and thus do not anticipate some of the problems that bearded men face.

This article describes five common problems you can face while growing a beard and solutions you can explore for each of them.

Itchy beard

An itchy beard is caused mostly by neglecting your beard. After getting the beard, you need to continue taking care of it. An itchy beard is caused by being unhygienic or using products with harsh ingredients. The itchiness could also be a result of acne, an allergic reaction to products or untamed beard hair poking you.

Solution: You need to identify the cause of the itchiness as that will help you solve it faster. You could change your products, comb or brush your beard regularly to redirect the strands. You could also incorporate a wash routine for your beard.

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Beard Dandruff

Believe it or not, beard dandruff is an extremely common problem that men face. The condition results from not moisturizing your beard and the skin underneath it. Dry skin starts to flake when you have a dry and rough beard.

Solution: To remedy beard dandruff, moisturize your beard and the skin underneath using beard oil. Also, maintain a hygiene routine for your beard as dandruff could be caused by hygiene issues.

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Rough and brittle beard

Dry brittle beards could be genetic or can be due lack of a proper beard care routine. Lack of proper beard care entails not washing or moisturizing which in turn causes your beard to be rough, frizzy and brittle.

Solution: You can address this challenge by investing in good quality products such as moisturizer and beard oil according to your beard texture.

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Patchy Beard

A patchy beard is usually a genetic problem. Sometimes, however, it is because you most likely butchered your beard when it started growing. Since you cannot force your beard to grow in the patches, you can remedy it by creating an illusion of a fuller beard.

Solution: You could keep a short beard that matches the shape of your cheeks and jawline. This way, the patches become less visible. Secondly, you could brush your beard in the direction of the patches. The existing beard covers the patches and with consistency, it is a long-term solution.

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Beard Acne

You could have the perfect beard and one tiny thing can ruin it. A small pimple popping underneath it! Beard acne commonly results from poor hygiene, products that react with your skin or when you have product build-up on your beard and skin.

Solution: Wash your beard and the skin underneath it well. This will eliminate any products that might have been there. Also, exfoliate and comb through your beard to get rid of impurities and dead skin.

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Bottom line…

Your beard speaks volumes about who you are before you utter a word.  It is thus important to take good care of it. The above problems are common for most bearded men. Luckily with the above solutions, you can solve whatever problem you are having and rock your beard comfortably.

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