5 creative ideas for a maternity shoot

Someday, after you have given birth, you would want to look back at your pregnancy and reminisce on when your now fast-growing baby was still in the belly.  What better

5 creative ideas for a maternity shoot
  • PublishedJune 15, 2021

Someday, after you have given birth, you would want to look back at your pregnancy and reminisce on when your now fast-growing baby was still in the belly.  What better way to document this than a maternity shoot? Other than creating memories, maternity shoots can be useful when announcing your pregnancy and also revealing the gender of your baby.

It does not have to be a mere protruding belly picture. Go the extra mile and use this moment to tap into your creativity with different shots, venues and props. Here are some creative ideas for your maternity shoot.


A silhouette is an illustrated outline intended to represent the outline of an object. In a silhouette photo, other visual details will not be revealed such as your face. The image will appear like a shadow showing your beautiful baby bump. In this shoot try wearing fitting clothes to bring out the outline of your bump. You could even go nude! This is a great way to embrace your pregnant body and get comfortable in it.

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Use signs

Indicate your pregnancy by using signs during the shoot. Employ humor when coming up with words to be shown on the gesture. Some examples include, ‘Baby on Board’, ’30 Day eviction notice’, ‘Eating for two’, and many other creative phrases you could come up with. Set them as props in a suitable background and capture the moment. You will look back and have a good laugh at the phrases you used.

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Balloons have an aesthetic appeal that makes a shoot visibly intriguing and interesting. They can also be used to indicate the unborn baby’s gender with blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. In the case of boy and girl twins, use both colors for the shoot. Such photoshoots will let others know the gender of your child and get gifts in line with that. Find the right place to set up the balloons, try different poses and have fun!

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Who wouldn’t want a shoot with flowers? As much as it might seem cliché, flowers portray endless beauty without much effort. They enhance your picture and bring focus to areas you want focus on. Beyoncé broke the internet with her floral maternity shoot and created a trend that remains mind blowing each time it is used. Find beautiful flowers and outfits to match the scene, arrange them in an appealing way and snap away. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have your own style. Who knows, you might break the internet too and set a trend.

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Find a field

Some fields are outright breathtaking and a picture in them would be the real deal. Take an example of a sunflower field. It is a highly used shoot venue and you can bear witness that pictures taken there are beautiful. When having a field shoot, find outfits that blend into the environment to bring out its artistic vibe. Other fields you can use for a shoot include cotton fields, wheat fields, flower garden and basically any appealing landscape you come across.

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Overall, your maternity shoot should be fun and thrilling. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things. Steer away from the norm and embrace your own style. Get different angles and backgrounds to ensure you get the right shot.

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