5 road trip tips for couples

5 road trip tips for couples
  • PublishedSeptember 22, 2021

Taking a road trip with your guy or girl is one of the most exciting things in a relationship. When it’s you two and the open road, sometimes the world seems to fade away.

This can be one of your favorite bonding activities that if done well, will allow the couple to learn even more things about each other away from distractions such as work, family and friends.

Here are few tips to remember when planning a trip with your partner.

Planning is everything

You both need to be on the same page even before you get into the car about the destination, estimated arrival time and possible stopovers. This is because road trips can be long and can be tiresome. As a result, mental readiness, even for a surprise trip, and prior preparation on activities can be a huge help in staying in the moment.

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Avoid conflicting situations

Being cooped up in a car for long hours on end can be exhausting and sometimes people choose this time to have serious conversations. This is not the time to have serious conversations because the road trip mood is of fun and relaxation.

To avoid this, listen to mood-appropriate music, tell jokes, relive happy memories, play simple road trip games etc.


Quiet time

Much as having things to discuss is a good pass time activity, there will be a time that neither of you has anything to say or the energy to sing along. In such a case, reduce the volume of the music and allow the passenger to sleep if they wish.

Quiet time will give the two of you time to recharge.

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Have a budget

Road trips, or any kind of trip, need money or they will turn into a nightmare. Before leaving the house, plan all the expenses. Have money for fuel, food, drinks, accommodation, souvenirs and an extra amount that is roughly half of the total because for unexpected situations.

No one wants to be stranded nightmares when they were planning to be relaxed and have fun.


Avoid phone time

In this day and age phones are not just for making or receiving calls; they are cameras, GPS gadgets and ways to find the best restaurants just to name a few. As a result, it is hard for people to switch off their phones for long.

You and your partner can agree to only use your phones when it is completely necessary. The point of the trip is to bond and make more memories, not let them pass you by.

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