Regardless of the nature of your work, properly managing Diabetes at work is essential for both your health and your career. Diabetes calls for an overhaul of your life and making some key changes. However, if you manage it correctly, it should not stand between you and your career progression. These tips will make it easier to manage Diabetes at work.

Inform your boss

Diabetes comes with a series of demands and in order to attend to them without ruffling feathers, your boss has to be in the know. You will need to schedule more visits with the doctor than usual.You will need frequent breaks to eat, to test your sugar level, for insulin shots and to visit the washrooms. There will be emergencies that you will need to attend to. Getting the boss to know this will make it easier for them to make the necessary changes to help you manage it, like changing shifts. The cooperation of your boss is important in managing Diabetes at work.

Carry food to work

If you were not carrying food to work already, you will now have to do it. You need to eat healthy and the food joints around your office may not offer the kinds of food you will need. More so, you need food to be readily accessible to maintain your sugar levels. Some men, especially, are not very comfortable with the prospect of carrying food. This is a small sacrifice you can make for the sake of your health.

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Invest in a cooler

If your office does not offer a proper storage place to keep your insulin, you need a small cooler to store it in. It should keep the temperatures optimal since warm or frozen insulin does not work as intended.

Tell a colleague

It is best for your colleagues to know about your condition so they make exceptions for you. However, if you feel this might be too intrusive, at least confide in one person and tell them where your supplies are. Also tell them what to do during emergencies so they may know the actions to take when you are not in a position to give instructions.

Stay active

If your work requires you to sit at your desk for the better part of the day, take small breaks and walk around the office or up and down the stairs just to stay active.