More than ever, women are preferring to have their children later than earlier. Procedures like freezing eggs and IVF have made this decision easier to make. The Fertility Centers of Illinois conducted a study to find out why women delay pregnancy and these are the top 5 reasons that were given:

Financial establishment

That babies are expensive is a fact beyond contest. For this reason, many women want to be financially stable before they have kids. Quite a number of respondents also said they would not like to suffer like their parents did, raising kids on tight budgets. They thus opted to wait.

Emotional stability

The second most popular reason given by the respondents was, the need to achieve emotional stability before getting children. They were very much aware of how tasking parenting can be and wanted to be emotionally ready before they ventured into it.

Career progression

The need to focus on career is the third reason why women delay pregnancy. While balancing motherhood and career is possible, it is not easy. Sacrifices have to be made and sometimes good career opportunities have to be let to slide. Thus, most women decide to put off pregnancy for this reason.

Value for freedom

Some women value their freedom and do not want to be tied down by the demands of motherhood, the study reveals. Life is not the same after motherhood. The children become an indispensable part of their parents for the rest of their lives. Hence, some women have opted to enjoy their freedom while it lasts.

Lack of a good partner

The least common reason was that of not having the right partner. Women have varying standards for the men they want to be the father of their children. If their preferred type has not shown up yet, they would rather put off getting kids.