So, who said once you get married you need to stop dating your spouse?

Once you start adding years under your belt as a married couple, things change. However, that does not mean you never have some time to each other just like in the old days. While it may be hard, here are some ways to keep that spark in your relationship.

Reminisce on younger days

You both might not be looking 25 years anymore, but that should not stop you from feeling that way.

Quality time away from the demands of life can allow you to remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. You may also learn new reasons to keep that fire burning for more years to come.

Work on your communication

At some point in marriage, conversations start to revolve around the kids, work schedules and running the house. Be open to each other about how you feel about all these things.

Taking that time to share your feelings and thoughts without any distractions, will allow you and your spouse to be on the same page.

Have a game plan

This can be about anything from improving your family's well being to the growth of your family. Sometimes, couples may find themselves with more children than planned for at the beginning of their relationship.

It is important to find time to plan for your family, away from between the sheets.

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Create time for fun

90% of the family quality time is spent doing kid-friendly activities. This is good because you are bonding with the children but what about good old adult fun?

Go out for dancing and a few drinks with your spouse, or find something that you both enjoy. Making time to just laugh together is good for your health and your marriage.

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Alone time

Intimacy is such an important factor in marriage because life throws all kinds of curveballs at you every day. You need that comfort and release. Getting hot and heavy every day is not a reality but you can find ways to spice up things in the bedroom. Whatever you do, keep the desire for each other growing.

In conclusion...

Some of these ideas will need prior planning and a budget. There is also the need for effort from both of you. After all, it's easier to move a sofa together than alone, right?

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