6 simple hacks for getting an infant to sleep

When you have a new bundle of joy, exhaustion and lack of sleep come with the package especially when your little one doesn’t sleep much.  A few hacks to help

6 simple hacks for getting an infant to sleep
  • PublishedOctober 29, 2021

When you have a new bundle of joy, exhaustion and lack of sleep come with the package especially when your little one doesn’t sleep much.  A few hacks to help them sleep can be a life saver.

Have a bedtime routine


While routine may be boring for adults, it isn’t for babies. Infact, they thrive in routines. If you get a solid bedtime routine that involves bathtime, changing, bottle/breastfeeding then bedtime in that order every day they get into the flow.

If you get the same routine for daytime nap times too it will work even better. You might not want to wash them every time they want to take a nap but the feeding and changing can be a thing.

Create a calming ambience


Anyone would like to have a calming ambience when going to sleep. Your baby is no exception. As much as we swaddle babies in blankets to get them all warm, when it comes to getting to sleep, ensure they are not hot.

You can keep checking on them every few hours for the first few days and monitor how they respond to that temperature until you are both comfortable.

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Put your drowsy baby to bed


Sometimes babies just randomly fall asleep, so once you notice the signs of sleep put them to bed immediately. If you need to change them before leaving them to sleep then do it as  gently and quietly as possible not to disrupt their sleep.

Don’t force them to eat if they are getting sleepy because a baby would tell you when hungry. If they can fall asleep without crying then it means they are okay, just let them sleep. They might just be tired.

Turn off all sources of light


Light can be disruptive to the baby’s sleep cycle. Either switch off all the screens or have your child in the furthest room from the screens.

You might not want to sit in the dark while getting your child to sleep, although that is best. As such, get a lamp that emits very dull or little light. Children’s night lights are best but switch it off as soon as the baby starts closing their eyes. Close all curtains and have dark ones if possible, for daytime naps.

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If your baby seems a little more fussy than usual, they could be having stomach discomfort and acting on it quickly might save them from the uneasiness.

Pay attention to your baby’s body language


As stated before, babies can’t speak but they know how to communicate. All a parent has to do is pay attention to their behaviour. For instance, some babies will become fussy or start crying when they are sleepy.

Be organised


Getting all the baby’s things clean and organised can be very helpful. Have diapers, oils, clothes, towels, pacifiers, bottles and a white noise machine (if used) all within reach in case needed in the middle of the night or right after bath time.

Also, make good use of the time when the baby is asleep. You can catch some sleep or finish up on your chores.

In conclusion…

As much as babies are a source of joy, they can drive you up the wall if you don’t get ways to help you navigate your new role.  Parents have reported forgetting to shower or eat. Therefore,  Know what to expect and find ways to handle it.

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