6 Practical ways to care for your phone

A phone just like any other device ought to be cared for in order for it to perform optimally. This may require shielding it from extreme weather elements or mechanical

6 Practical ways to care for your phone
  • PublishedJune 14, 2022

A phone just like any other device ought to be cared for in order for it to perform optimally. This may require shielding it from extreme weather elements or mechanical damages. You should also keep your phone clean as it comes close to your nose, eyes and mouth which are the three gateways to disease transmission. Here are six practical phone care tips that you should adopt.

Keep it out of the sun

The sun and water alike are not your phone’s allies. The sun is known to be very destructive to the internal and external components of phones as it causes the circuit board to bend and the battery to overheat.

The heat from the sun can also damage the screen, causing it to pixelate, crack and become unresponsive. Therefore do not leave your phone out in the sun.

or put it in your back pocket because you will forget it there and that is how it will end up in the toilet bowl when you take your break.

Do not overcharge it

While it may seem wise to leave your phone charging overnight, this is to the detriment of your phone’s battery as it ends up charging longer than it should.

Overcharging the phone battery simply damages it and you have to get a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement battery you get is of poorer quality than that of the original battery in most cases.

It is even worse if the battery is in-built because that means you will be stuck with a battery that cannot be replaced and a phone that requires to be charged constantly. Thus this may lead you to buy a whole new phone.

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Put a cover on it

You are bound to drop your phone regardless of how careful you are. Therefore, the best way to save your phone from breaking is by covering it with a protective exterior. These covers normally act as shock absorbents to impact that would have otherwise damaged your phone. This includes putting a protector on your screen.

Do not share chargers

The reason certain phone brands are making chargers that are only compatible is to discourage sharing of chargers which has several adverse effects on your phone.

In some cases you could get a charger that is too wide thus damaging the charging portal, it could be smaller in certain cases thus interfering with the rate at which your battery charges. This could damage your battery’s capacity to store power.

Therefore keep to your charger, carry it everywhere with you if you must and do not share it with others too because the alternate effect is also possible on your charger.

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Do not use your phone in insecure places

If you have plans of holding on to your phone a little longer then use it only in secure places. This may require you to keep your phone away, especially when in crowded areas where you are likely to be pickpocketed or the phone snatched from your hands.

Keep it away from children

Children are lovely and sometimes we just want to fulfil their wishes including their urges to hold our phones. However, this is the fastest way to lose the aesthetics of your phone including the functionality because children are usually not as aware when they choose to through your phone against the wall or floor. The best thing to do is either get them a toy phone or a device that can perform functions children would enjoy. A kindle for instance!

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To conclude, we all love our phones for they keep us connected. Therefore it is only fair that we look after them so they can serve us accordingly in return. Besides, a phone in some cases can be an investment worth taking care of because replacing it may not be as easy.

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