7 amazing alternative storage ideas for small spaces

For people who have less room in their house, have many things, or have some sentimental attachment to items, banking on regular in-house storage is not ideal. Moving may not

7 amazing alternative storage ideas for small spaces
  • PublishedFebruary 3, 2022

For people who have less room in their house, have many things, or have some sentimental attachment to items, banking on regular in-house storage is not ideal. Moving may not be an option for various reasons, and this is where alternative storage comes into play. With a bit of creativity, one can maintain an aesthetic feel while having more in their house, whether a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Here are a few storage tips you can consider to make the most out of the available space;

Storage bins

With changing times, storage bins have become popular storage options especially because of their versatility. You can use them to store food, files, clothes, cleaning products, among others.

Most bins are made of plastic and have different designs, colors, and shapes.  As a result, they can decorate the space while serving their intended purpose.

The fact that they can also be tucked under beds or put away in the attic makes them a perfect choice.

Floating shelves

Installing shelves in a house is not an arduous task. It takes less time and assists in storing lighter things such as utensils, books, clothing, among other things. Shelves assist the house to look organized and, when done well, compliments the space.

They also help with easy access to something that one might need and could also be decorative.

Photo by Dane Deaner / Unsplash

Sofa storage

Sofa storage has become popular over the last few years. With sofa storage, The sitting portion of a sofa is raised to reveal a huge storage area. This assists in saving up space and also storing things out of sight.

You can use your sofa for storing pillows, throw covers, files, and much more.


Hooks at the back doors and cabinets

Using hooks placed in strategic places assists in making more room in tiny houses for items such as clothes. You can place hooks inside cabinets to hold flowy clothes like scarves or hold towels and utensils in the kitchen.

You can also install hooks at the back of the door for  small and light objects such as bathroom pouches, bag hooks, laundry hampers, and even shoe pegs.

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Bathroom Storage Ideas To Save Space
Bathrooms have never been the part of the house that is given a lot of space,probably because you do not spend a lot of time in there. However, due to theamount of space you have, or lack thereof, it might get cramped with tissuepaper, body towels, hand towels and everything else you put in there…

Old shipping boxes and cartons

Boxes and cartons are an excellent alternative for storage in the house as they are cheap and versatile. They hold the most random things that one wants to store, such as books, files, tools, and so much more. Boxes and cartons can be hidden away under the bed.

They can also be upcycled to create a functional and decorative piece.

Photo by Lia Trevarthen on Unsplash

Desk with storage drawers

Purchasing a desk with storage drawers is one of the oldest storage alternatives in the book. It provides space for storing stationery, loose paper, books, and even files.

You could also have file holders that increase the area utilized on the desk.

Photo by Alexandru Acea / Unsplash

Bedroom storage bench

For a piece that is both aesthetic and functional, bedroom storage benches help to maximize space in the bedroom. They help the room to look neat and organized. However, purchasing one of these could cost a little bit more than the other alternatives listed in this article.


In Conclusion…

Having a small living space could make the house look extremely cluttered, which is frustrating. The suitable storage alternatives elevate the room as well as keep everything out of sight but conveniently reachable, saving you time and money.

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