Eating together as a family can be a challenge, especially when you have a busy work schedule. However, there are numerous health, social and nutritional benefits of eating together. Taking a few minutes in a day to sit down with your family to have a meal, can improve the physical and mental health of family members involved. Especially your child

Here are some of the benefits of sitting down and having that family meal.


Having family mealtime will foster strong bonds and maintain relationships with other family members and in turn, give a sense of belonging. Family mealtimes also make your child feel loved, safe and secure.


Helps prevent weight problems

Eating together encourages your child to eat healthy meals. It will help you guide your child on what foods to eat even when you are not at home or when the child is in school. You can also control the amount of food your child will take when eating together.

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It teaches your child mealtime etiquette

Your child will develop better eating habits depending on how you conduct yourself around the table. Also, as you eat, you can monitor your child’s eating habits and correct them appropriately.

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Encourages open discussion

As you eat together, your child or spouse may open up and talk about psychological problems the child may have. Therefore, frequently eating together can prevent issues such as violent behaviour, depression, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.

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It improves self-esteem

Family mealtimes offer a unique opportunity where you can encourage your child to open up and express themselves as you listen. Doing so can help them gain confidence.

Improved academic performance

Research has shown that children who have regular family dinners have a better command of language and vocabulary and can read easily because of the words they pick from adults at the dinner table.

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How to make TV time a family time
Watching television as a family has surprising positive effects. It brings the family together, it strengthens vocabulary, and in some cases, saves money that would have been otherwise spend on other entertainment options.

It's a money-saving hack

If you make a tradition of eating together at home, it makes it necessary for you to prepare meals at home. This in turn, discourages eating out which tends to be more expensive than preparing meals at home.

In a nutshell...

In a fast-moving world where everyone is busy, it may be tempting to have your meals on the go away from your family. However, meal times offer the perfect chance to bond with your family and get updates on everyone's well-being.

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