Examinations are a test of how much one has learned in a particular course. However, the results are not always as expected, both by the learners, teachers and their parents or guardians.

With KCPE results having been released on Tuesday, Parents magazine interviewed a retired teacher, Mr. Christopher Muguti, and a students' mentor, Ms. Virginia Gathoni, who is also a teacher, on what parents can do to support their children receive results.Here are some of the points they shared:

Be there for your children and accept the results

As a parent or guardian, you need to help your children accept the results, especially when it is not what they expected. Remind them that exams do not wholly determine their future and that they have a chance of being better on the next level and therefore, they should not dwell on it. It helps if you also show that you have accepted the results too.

Be positive

You should be positive during the waiting period while preparing your child to accept the results. Encourage and let them know that you will be there for them no matter their results and that your love for them is not determined by the exam results.

Move on and adjust where necessary

If  neither of you expected the results your child got, move on and focus on the future. It is not easy but that is the reality. This is what I will call in science, a chemical change because it cannot be reversed unless they take another examination.

Know that the results of today do not mean that your child cannot do better

If you are not happy with the results because you expected high marks or grades, then you need to encourage your children and tell them that there is the possibility of getting better in the next level that they are going to.
As a parent or guardian, you also need to know that exams can cause anxiety and understand that the results do not necessarily mean that your child cannot do better. Therefore, instead of fixating on the grades, encourage them to keep doing their best.

Support for the child during and after the results

Keep communication open with your child before the exams till after the results come out so that you can help them cope with the anxiety. Also, prepare to be with your child the day results are being released. This will help in case of any eventuality or shock because of negative or positive results.

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Avoid criticism

If you start putting pressure on children or constantly criticize them, they might resort to dealing with the stress in negative ways. In the past, we've seen children committing suicide after the results come out which is unfortunate and can be prevented when the child feels that the parent is supportive.  

Don't compare your child with others

Don't compare your child with others and understand that failing exams does not make one a failure in life.  One can start from a low level, and build themselves to the desired grades.

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