7 tips on making long-distance relationships work

7 tips on making long-distance relationships work
  • PublishedJuly 12, 2021

Long-distance romantic relationships are intimate relationships between partners who are geographically separated. These kind of relationships come with their own unique challenges, which can tear even the strongest couples apart. According to research, about 40 per cent of couples in long-distance relationships break up during the initial six-month period.  

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you may have found yourself questioning whether the relationship can work and more so whether it is worth it. Having doubts are a very normal part of the long-distance relationship experience. However, if you begin to find that your relationship is in jeopardy there are several ways to effectively make the long-distance experience easier and maintain a strong, healthy, and lasting relationship.

The following are tips on making a long-distance relationship work:

1.     Technology is your best friend

Long-distance relationships are easier today than ever before. There is no excuse to not maintain communication and continue to feel connected to one another. Photos, texts, phone calls, Facetime– all allow you to experience a sense of togetherness, something that was not an option before technology.

2.     Be committed to the relationship

Being committed to the relationship is a fundamental part of all relationships but even more so for those in long-distance relationships. It is important to know that you are fully committed to your partner and can see the relationship being long-term. This way, time will not be wasted, and heartbreak can be avoided.

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3.     Set an end date

Long-distance relationships are manageable for a while, and bring a unique experience to the table which allows both partners to strive individually whilst maintaining a relationship. Eventually, however, you will most likely want to live with your partner and therefore an end date will allow the couple to move forward and proceed to the next stage of their relationship.

4.     Do stuff together and plan ahead

Just because you are apart due to a long-distance relationship does not mean that you can’t have fun together. Plan a Facetime cooking session or plan to watch the same movie and discuss it afterwards. Furthermore, plan and delight in the details of what the two of you will do when you see each other next.

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5.     Be confident in your relationship

Be confident and trust in your relationship as well as your partner. Insecurity is one of the major factors for long-distance relationship break ups. Insecurity can result in excessive phone calls and texts for the wrong reasons. By checking up on your partner too often, you are overwhelming them and creating unnecessary tension.

6.     Set clear rules and boundaries

With all relationships, rules and boundaries should be set. The same applies to those in a long-distance relationship. One should not let their partner feel threatened or insecure by what is seen on social media or heard through mutual acquaintances. Both of you should also avoid putting themselves in situations that could potentially make the other feel insecure.

7.     Stick to a schedule

Timing is extremely important especially when it comes to long-distance relationships as your time together is precious. You need to always keep in mind when you are going to see one another, when and how often you will communicate with one another and stick to the plan. Although communication should not be forced in any relationship, planning for it should be encouraged. After all, not hearing from your loved one for over a week is just not ideal for anyone.

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