Nick Herbert aged 47 years and dad to Ben, 15, has invented an application-RespondASAP that prevents his son from doing anything on his phone before he responds to his texts. The app locks the son’s screen and rings an alarm till he reads the text even if the phone is on silent mode.

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The idea was borne from the dad’s frustration that Ben was ignoring him while in school.

“I was getting frustrated that Ben wouldn’t respond to my texts, by swiping them off to the side while he watched videos, or keeping his phone on silent. ‘In some cases, I found that Ben was just ignoring me in front of his friends. ‘So I decided to go about building an app that would allow me to momentarily ‘takeover’ his phone when I sent texts that needed urgent answers,” Nick elaborated on the reasons he built the app.

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However, RespondASAP released in 2017, only works if both parties have downloaded it.

Good reviews

The app has gone on to garner 10,000 plus downloads for the two years it has existed and has good reviews on app store from individuals who have used it.