Loosing weight through exercise can be incredibly daunting especially for that layer of stubborn fat that won't just quit. Did you know you can melt away that extra fat effortlessly by just adding the fat burning smoothie to your daily routine?

A glass of smoothie. (Source, simpleveganblog.com)

The fat burn smoothie is simply a blended drink that mainly contains vegetables or fruits or both. It is also called the detox smoothie, fruit smoothie or vegetable smoothie.

It contains a handful of spinach blended with  delicious taste of strawberry, oranges and a cup of almond milk hence very easy to make. Almond milk is the secret ingredient for boosting your metabolism since it contains extra protein.

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Studies have shown that proteins increases the thermic effect of food (TEF) due to extra calories required to digest it hence increasing your metabolic rate which results in weight loss.

The smoothie has other benefits like detoxifying and nourishing your body leaving you looking and feeling healthy. It can also offer high energy to workout and helps with suppressing your appetite. It can also help boost your immunity and improve your overall health.

Feature image: lady drinking a smoothie. (Source, image freepik.com)

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