Father’s day is finally here, a special day to honor and celebrate fathers contribution towards child rearing. The role of fathers in child rearing cannot be underestimated and that’s why they got this day of celebration.

On parenting, Nameless and Wahu shares their experience with Parent’s Magazine in an interview. “As parents, we teach our children by leading example,” says Nameless.

As we wait for this day, here is a message for fathers. Every time you listen patiently to your children, share a moment with them, bring them close to God and model them to be responsible by setting example, you add value to their lives.

In matters discipline and raising obedient and responsible children, parents are very instrumental. However, a good discipline only works in a context of loving relationship.

Therefore, as heads of families fathers should lead in nurturing love, togetherness and harmony in their families.

The discipline that a father gives is based on his faith thus fathers need to of strong faith.