A man has taken the internet by storm after penning down a very emotional apology letter to his wife who left him.

From the letter, it is not known the real reason for their separation but he surely misses her.

Read his letter below;

“I don’t really know what to say with all the things that we have been through , but one thing is for sure that in spite of all the trials and circumstances we have been through, and all the pain we both had from each other I will still say that God gave you to me like when we said yes, on the day we were married.

Being away from you is the most hardest experience i ever had in my life . I used to do and think things that will stop me from thinking about the pain from being far from you. Everyday I pray and ask God to put us back together again . I am sorry for the pain that I brought to you, I am sorry for all the hurtful words i have spoken to you and the sharp words I have received from you. Thank you for doing all your best for us and thank you for showing the LOVE OF GOD to me.

The truth is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. I hope and pray that you will always understand me as you always and try to adjust for us please.

With love and care
Mr X your loving Husband 😍”