Finding the best facial cleanser for your skin type

Finding the best facial cleanser for your skin type
  • PublishedMarch 25, 2021

Cleansers are the first and most important part of any skincare routine. A cleanser is a facial product that is used to remove makeup, dead cells and other pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

When investing in skincare products, it is important to note that you should put the same effort in finding a face cleanser as you would with your moisturizer, eye and face serum or even anti-acne treatment. A facial cleanser can break or make your entire routine. That’s why finding the right one for your skin type is very important.

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A face cleanser will not miraculously change your skin overnight. However, when you find the right one that doesn’t strip too much moisture or leave a residue after makeup removal, a cleanser can really change your skin and give you the desired results when combined with other skincare products. Always ensure that the cleanser is sulfate-free.

Types of cleansers

There are about seven types of facial cleansers.

1.Gel Cleansers

They are clear and have a gel consistency. They are designed for deep cleansing with just one cleanse. They are the best for a normal to oily skin to cleanse dirt and sebum without stripping it of its moisture.

2.Oil cleansers

They are oily and the best for double cleansing. You can use the jojoba oil one because it is a monosaturated fat and it is unlikely to clog pores. If you are tempted to use heavier oils like castor oil, olive oil or other oils be cautious about it because any skin type can have sensitivity to oil. This could lead to a serious break out.

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3.Foam cleansers

They may start out as cream or gel then burst into a foamy lather when mixed with water. They may also come in form of a foam. They remove excess dirt and oil. They are as effective as gel cleansers.

4.Cream cleansers

These type of cleansers are thick, creamy and contain moisturizing agents. They do not lather much and come in form of milk or lotions. They offer a more soothing cleanse than a wash.

5.Face wash cleanser

These type of cleansers need to be mixed with water. Some of the newer face wash formulations contain gentler, plant derived foaming agents that are a better choice especially if you prefer deep cleansing.

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6.Micellar water

They feature tiny round balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in water that remove dirt oil and makeup. These types are great for eczema and dry sensitive skin. They are a better way to cleanse especially if you don’t want to wash off. However, you might need a proper cleanser to remove any residue.

7. Cleansing Balms

They are often a gentle, nourishing blend of plant oils, essential oils and herbs that remove makeup including mascara. They work by melting what’s on the skin surface, after smoothing and massaging them over the skin and wiping with a warm muslin cloth to ensure no residue remains hence blocking the pores.

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Each cleansing balm has a different blend of oils. Some balms containing mineral oils are safe but with long term use, they block pores and result to dull skin.

8.Cleansing wipes

These are usually used on those lazy days or when you are short on time. However always follow up with a wash since they leave a residue. Again, some are usually packed with alcohol and fragrances which irritate your skin causing sensitivity and redness.

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A normal skin that has no visible pores will benefit from any type of cleanser. The best cleanser for a dry skin is the cleansing cream or oil cleanser because they cleanse without drying the skin. For an oily skin, cleansers containing salicylic acid are recommended since they treat blocked pores and also help exfoliate hence reducing sebum secretion that leads to an oily skin.

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