Finding the perfect pair of heels for wider feet

Finding the perfect pair of heels for wider feet
  • PublishedJanuary 28, 2022

Sometimes, having wider feet can feel like a curse because you tend to shop for the wrong heels and walking in them is difficult. Given that people’s feet expand through the course of the day, finding the right pair for you will make your days better, more stylish and even more confident.

For instance, mules, strappy sandals and slingbacks are great styles to stay on-trend without hurting your feet. The strappy backless silhouettes and styles can help you feel comfortable. I promise- you don’t have to wear in house slippers to be comfortable in heels.

Here is how to choose the right heel for your wide feet:

Shop for customizable high heels

Women with wider feet can experience excruciating pain when in heels. This is caused by your feet expanding when wearing heels, resulting in the high heels feeling tight around your toes.

Being able to loosen the shoes so that your feet can breathe and feel comfortable is an amazing feeling. Therefore, customizable heels should be your best friend if your feet are prone to expand during the day.

Image: Melissa Fitzpatrick

Don’t go for pointy heels

Pointy heels look sophisticated and trendy, but they are not meant for women with wider feet. Unless you can find one that can fit you well, avoid shopping for these types of heels. In the beginning, when you are breaking into your shoes, heels can be painful.

Also, your feet and toes will ultimately start taking the shape of this pointy heel, and it is noticeable after a while. If you think you cannot let them go, ensure you shop for heels that are wide-fit.

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Heels with Perspex material are a no-go

Image: gabshoes

Even though this trend is a stunner, it can make your feet hurt badly. Perspex or clear material is not organic and will therefore not stretch when your feet expand. The material will cut into your feet, which are already swollen, and take the sensitivity to a whole new level.

You don’t want that. Perspex can also look and feel suffocating.

Go for heels with high-quality material

Image: Andypola

Smooth materials and good leather heels are great for your feet. They can easily expand and will not entirely suffocate your feet. An added advantage is that soft leather is easy to break into. Cheap is expensive, spend a good amount to get a good pair of heels or more. There are numerous heels for people with wider feet. It is easy to break into a softer leather heel.


Keep these pointers at the forefront when shopping for heels to avoid injuring your feet. Every person’s feet are different, and a heel that works for one type of foot might not work too well on another. Know your feet and adorn them appropriately.

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