Food to increase your baby's weight

The most challenging task for a mum is deciding food for their young ones. Since toddlers are still learning to ingest solid food,  most of their food therefore comes in

Food to increase your baby's weight
  • PublishedJanuary 21, 2021

The most challenging task for a mum is deciding food for their young ones. Since toddlers are still learning to ingest solid food,  most of their food therefore comes in liquid form. The immunity of your baby is associated with constant weight gain. This helps to boost and trigger their immune system. Here are six foods to increase your baby’s weight.

1.Healthy breast milk

Breast milk is the only way to gain wait for babies below the age  of six months. It is termed as the healthiest,  nutritious and most balanced food for babies. It is very easy to digest hence preventing constipation and stomach upsets.

Source; webmd.com

It is recommended for mothers to include lentils, chicken peas and almonds to their diet for  healthy and more nutritious breast milk. After the age of six months, you can introduce your baby to solid and semi-solid foods alongside breast milk.

2.Whole cream yoghurt.

This is one of the healthiest way for your baby to increase weight. It is loaded with calcium, vitamins and minerals. It is easy to digest and is also a known remedy for diarrhoea and gastric problems. It also provides the right amount of fat and healthy calories. Doctors advice against introduction of cow’s milk to a baby but yoghurt being a fermented food item can be added to your baby’s diet after the age of seven to eight months. Refrain from buying flavored yoghurt as it contains high levels of sugar.


They are one of the highest sources of carbohydrates. It can be introduced to your baby at a very early stage.

Image; Olive mashed potatoes. (Source; thespurceeats.com)

It helps in quick weight gain. You can add some milk to mashed potatoes to increase your baby’s weight even more.


They are an excellent source of potassium, dietary fiber and carbohydrates.

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A single banana contains more than 100 calories. It is also an ideal food item while travelling since it is a good source of energy. They can be easily mashed and fed to the baby.

5. Desi Ghee /Clarified butter

This is the clarified form of butter and is recommended for its high nutritional value and rich fat content. It is an ideal food source that can help babies gain weight fast. Mothers are advised to be very moderate when introducing it to the babies diet since it contains a high fat content.

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In the initial stages, start by using a few drops of desi ghee in porridge or lentils. You can introduce it to your baby by eight months.


Due to its creamy consistency and mild flavor, avocado is an easy addition to you baby’s diet especially in the first stages of eating solid foods.

Source; parentingfirstcry.com

It also provides babies with healthy fats and omega -3 fatty acids that helps the baby gain weight. They raise the baby’s calorie  intake.

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