GIFT YOURSELF A pampering skin session

                There is a lot to celebrate around us, yet many times when we want to applaud others or ourselves with a unique

GIFT YOURSELF A pampering skin session
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There is a lot to celebrate around us, yet many times when we want to applaud others or ourselves with a unique gift, we run short of ideas. Why not give a meaningful gift that involves some relaxation and ease from stress and is suitable for both genders? We give you reasons to spoil yourself or someone you love to a pampering skin care session.

Body scrub and massage. Although our bodies have cells that shed off regularly in order to reveal a new and healthier skin, this process slows down as we age. A body scrub is therefore necessary to give the skin the nudge it requires to get working.

A body scrub, depending on the type, can be done using products that contain coarse but skin-friendly granules such as sea salt often mixed with massage oil, which help to get rid of dead skin and boost blood circulation and flow to the skin’s surface.

Scrub treatments often leave your skin radiating and soft to the touch. In addition, the massage helps to get rid of fatigue and relaxes you, thus lifting your mood and making your skin glow. What better gift than this to help nurture your skin?

You can enjoy a day in the spa with your spouse, colleague or loved one and get a body scrub and massage.

Manicure and pedicure. Today’s manicure packages are both for men and women thus making it an ideal gift for anyone. Often, a manicure entails getting hand massage, cuticle treatment, buffing and grooming of nails and often followed with some nail polish application.

It may also include full treatment of your arms and waxing of your armpits. Various spas have different manicure packages and you need to choose a package that contains what you need for your hands and fingernails.

Our hands and feet are exposed to dirt and impurities and are therefore in need of some tender loving care. Get into the habit of routinely moisturising them using a foot cream as well as a hand cream.

Try using La cure Beaute hand and foot cream, which is made up of dead sea minerals and Moroccan Organic Argan oil and is great for preventing roughness and cracking while nourishing and protecting your feet, hands and nails.

A good pedicure should include soaking your feet, scrubbing using a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, massage, moisturiser and nail polish application. Manicure and pedicure helps in removing dead skin cells, ultimately smoothening the skin and stimulating regeneration. Why not gift yourself and others with a voucher for a mani-pedi?

Facial care.  A facial is a good way to just relax and be pampered. However, it is best if it is part of an on-going skin care routine and not just as a one-off. For best results, it is advisable to have a facial in a spa that is up-to-date with skincare technology and of high standards.

A good facial care begins with a skin analysis to determine your skin type as this informs which products best work for your skin.

Thereafter, a microdermabrasion can be offered and this entails using technology to get rid of dead skin on your face. This is followed by a facial steam, which is great for relaxing your face and helps soften up any blackheads and whiteheads, which are later extracted.

While at it, your aesthetician will give you a facial mask before applying a toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen to help renew your face.

Spas that have embraced technology such as Timeless Medical Spa in Nairobi also offer oxygen spray as a final step in their facial treatment. Facial oxygen treatments help to combat all sorts of enemies to the skin such as pollution, stress and lack of clean and pure oxygen in the atmosphere.

Facial oxygen treatments help repair environmental damage and brighten the skin further. It is important to have a regular facial care regimen, as this will help you experience a healthier, renewed and nourished skin all the time.

Whether male or female, the effects of skin irritation and damage from impurities are bound to affect you and therefore skin treatments should be part of your routine.
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