Have you been landscaping lately?

Have you been landscaping lately?
  • PublishedOctober 29, 2020

I recently went for a breast exam and the way those go is you have to put your hand behind your head for each breast to be examined. However it was a bit awkward, for me at least. The doctor was very professional and kind but I could not maintain eye contact. Why? Because I had not shaved my armpits. That may be laughable to some people for different reasons, depending on preference. Some of you might think it’s not a big deal while some I’m sure are laughing at me for my ‘negligence’. To the latter I say give me a break, we are still in a pandemic after all.

It made me wonder how many of us, boys and girls alike were have been keeping up with this ‘grooming’ ritual. I know some men have grown out their beards and have ended up liking the new look but what about down there? Being in a lock down has considerably reduced our movements and interaction with other people. So no more going to the office, beach or clubs. In Kenya however some restrictions have been eased so does that mean everyone went back to default mode or are we now back in touch with our natural selves.

Common Grooming Mistakes Men Make
Forgetting about their feetTaking care of your feet is one of the simplest yet very important groomingessentials. There is nothing worse than a fine looking gentleman with unkemptfeet. Ensure you clip your nails often, wash your feet as you take a shower andbuy a foot file and make use of it. Th…

When it comes to going bald, trimming or having a full grown bush its all a matter of preference. However experts have made it clear there are benefits to having pubic hair, there’s a good reason it’s there. They serve to regulate body temperature, trap secretions that might cause infections and keep the skin moisturized by trapping moisture. During our interactions it would serve us all well to remember adults are supposed to have pubes, so let us be kind. In reality people do not look like models or adult movie stars therefore, expectations need to be taken down a notch.

Teach your child personal grooming
A shabby, unkempt person makes others wonder why they don’t befriend the mirrorto save themselves from embarrassment. Well, this unkempt person could be yourchild if you don’t teach him grooming habits as early as now. The amount of timespent teaching your child proper grooming will depend on sev…

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