Helping Your Child Feel More Independent

Helping Your Child Feel More Independent
  • PublishedJanuary 22, 2024

Being a parent can be tough, and one challenge some parents face is dealing with a clingy child. It’s normal for kids to want to be close to their parents, but when it feels like too much, it can be tricky. This article will give you simple tips on how to help your child become more independent while still feeling safe and loved.

Understand and Say It’s Okay:

When your child is clingy, the first thing to do is tell them it’s okay to feel that way. Let them know you understand if they’re scared or worried. Creating a safe space for your child to share their feelings helps build trust between you and them.

Take Small Steps Apart:

Help your child get used to being without you by taking small steps. Start with short periods of time away and gradually make it longer. This might mean leaving them with someone they trust or introducing them to activities with other kids.

Make a Schedule:

Kids like routines because they help them know what to expect. Create a daily routine with regular bedtimes, meal times, and playtimes. This helps your child feel more in control and less anxious.

Let Them Play on Their Own:

Encourage your child to play by themselves. Create a safe play area and let them explore on their own. This helps them learn to do things by themselves and feel more independent.

Say Good Job:

When your child does things on their own, tell them they did a good job. This positive feedback makes them feel proud and encourages them to keep trying new things.

Show Them How:

Kids learn a lot by watching their parents. Show them how you do things on your own, like making a snack or getting dressed. Seeing you do things independently helps them understand that it’s okay to do things on their own too.


Dealing with a clingy child might take time, but these simple tips can help. Let your child know it’s okay to feel the way they do, take small steps to be apart, make a routine, encourage them to play on their own, praise their efforts, and show them how to be independent. Every child is different, so adjust these tips to fit your child’s needs. As you try these things together, you’ll strengthen your bond and help your child feel confident in the world.

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